Invest for the Future portrait exhibition

“Visual Stories of Female Entrepreneurship” is a ground-breaking project being championed by Tina Odinsky-Zec as part of Invest for the Future.

The project aims to encourage female photographers to take pictures of female entrepreneurs in context, anywhere in the world, so that one single image can tell the story of where they are and what they are doing to generate value.  Invest for the Future is seeking photographs that not only feature the women owners themselves, but also the tools of their trade in a creative and artistic manner.

The photographs will collectively form a curated show of portraits for a global exhibition.  Invest for the Future believes that pictures can unite, and seeks photography that demonstrates both country and individual-specific themes, and universal women’s issues.

Please encourage female photographers or female entrepreneurs to contribute a photograph to the exhibition.  Full details about the project and instructions for submission can be found on the Invest for Future website.

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