SME Internationalization Programme, Seville, Spain

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Build Entrepreneurial Capacity / Bespoke Training


Instituto de Estudios de Cajasol, Seville, Spain


The Instituto de Estudios de Cajasol in Seville had developed an Internationalization Programme and engaged Dinah Bennett to teach on the programme.

New Insights into Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

The programme was aimed at owner-managers and key staff of small to medium sized enterprises that wanted to expand internationally.


Dinah’s practical, dynamic and focused sessions on how to delight your customer were engaging and highly valued by participants.  Thanks to her international experience, Dinah enriches her sessions with stories of entrepreneurship around the world.  She is highly professional and a joy to work with. 

Yolanda Gibb, Academic Director, Curso de Experto de Internacionalizacion

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