China Britain Financial Education Company Ltd, China

ICE Service

Build Entrepreneurial Capacity / Bespoke Training


CBFQ (China Britain Financial Education Company Ltd), Chengdu, China


CBFQ were seeking to build their capacity to work with the next generation of China’s family businesses.  In November 2012 and June 2013 the company consulted ICE, and engaged Dinah Bennett and associates to deliver a series of programmes in co-operation with some of the provincial banks.

New Insights into Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

The programmes targeted family business owners, and involved training the entire CBFQ team in enterprise skills.


CBFQ staff are now fully able to deliver a range of enterprise skills workshops for their young clients who are mainly the next generation of China’s family businesses.

‘Working with ICE has really developed our capabilities to help us to serve our clients more effectively.  Not only did ICE work with all of our training professionals and some of our clients, but they also worked with the senior management team to assist us strategically in terms of our future direction.’

Ricky Fang Co-Director of CBFQ said ‘Whenever I work with Dinah it’s like light bulbs coming on and I always see new opportunities’.

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