• Customer: Millin Centre, Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • Date: 2012

ICE Service

Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship / Bespoke Training


Millin Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Millin Centre is a busy community facility based in Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne. The organisation works towards poverty alleviation though empowering local people to develop skills and knowledge, increase employability, explore and develop enterprise, improve health and well- being and increase confidence.

Through direct consultation with local women Millin Centre has been developing and delivering a number of unique enterprise courses and trial trading opportunities.

New Insights into Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Millin Centre consulted ICE for support with capacity building, networking, promoting the organisation and women’s enterprise.


According to The Millin Centre Manager, its team and Board members gained a huge amount from consulting ICE, including:

–  Valuable insights into Women’s enterprise on a regional, national and international level
–  Increased networks and new contacts though valuable ICE introductions
–  Practical guidance and training in the use of social media to increase networks and promote the organisation through engagement with an ICE Associate
–  The Centre Manager has been supported and mentored through the creation of future development plans

“As an organisation we have built our capacity and developed our networks and links with potential partners as a result of working with ICE.  The team now have developed practical experience and understanding of the benefits and use of social media as well as networking and how best to build these networks.”, Sarah Miller, Centre Manager


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