ICE Customers

Dinah Bennett Consult ICE UK - insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship worldwideICE works with people and organisations all over the world, across a diverse range of sectors.  See the ICE World Map here.

Although ICE customers have very different activities, and their aims span a massive spectrum from social to civil and commercial, they all have at least one thing in common;  they aspire to improve their insight into enterprise and entrepreneurship.

This improved insight is recognised by our customers as a positive step to being able to engage more effectively with small businesses;  to become more enterprising themselves; and to transform enterprise strategies and policies at all levels to improve the economy and people’s lives.

In an online survey of customers in 2012, 100% of respondents told us that the support provided by ICE had resulted in new insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship.  They also said that, on reflection, consulting ICE was the right decision for their organisation.


Customer insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship

Find out below how a selection of organisations can benefit from consulting ICE, and read our case studies here.

BANKS should Consult ICE because ...
Banks are a crucial source of support for small business.  Through consulting ICE, banks, their marketing departments and their Customer Relationship and Business Support teams, can significantly enhance their ability to connect with the small business community and fully understand their needs.  In turn, small businesses will gain through more accessible and relevant services.

Case study:  IFC International Finance Corporation / World Bank


Read further details of ICE specialist expertise in Relationship Banking here

GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS should Consult ICE because ...
Government policies geared to improving society and the economy can only have a genuine impact if they address the real barriers being faced.  By consulting ICE, Government organisations can gain knowledge of best practice in enterprise policy and support from across the world, and genuinely understand the needs and priorities of the small business sector.  
UNIVERSITIES should Consult ICE because ...
Universities are themselves commercial units, therefore embedding entrepreneurial skills across Higher Education Institutions will serve to improve their sustainability and growth.  Through embracing enterprise themselves, Universities have an improved ability to deliver rich, insightful education in entrepreneurship to under-graduates and post-graduates.

Any organisation that aspires to stimulate or support economic or social change has the potential to do so through gaining new insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship.  By enhancing their relationships with their stakeholders and the business community, by taking an entrepreneurial approach to tackling their agenda, and by enhancing their community’s engagement in entrepreneurship, they have a significantly improved chance of making an impact.

SCHOOLS should Consult ICE because ...
Through working with ICE Schools can help young people to achieve their entrepreneurial potential, to be inspired to engage in entrepreneurship, and to learn key skills that will assist them in achieving fulfilling lives and careers.

“ICE has inspired our young people to consider new directions in their future and how to network and make connections”, Karen Anderson, St Margaret’s School

BUSINESSES should Consult-ICE because ...
Developing enterprise skills such as networking is key to improving a company’s social capital which in turn enables them to grow.  Business to business service organisations can also gain significantly from a deeper understanding of the nuances of the business marketplace, leading to improved communications and more effective service innovation.