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Service sector must unearth B2C values to benefit SMEs (and themselves)

I have often found that service sector institutions can be much too fixated on supporting an ‘enterprise’, rather than the person running it, and moreover that even their focus on the business entity can be limited to the area most obviously related to their service, rather than encompassing the needs of the business overall. This linear approach to delivering business support services demonstrates, in my mind, a lack of empathy with the real dynamics of any small or medium enterprise, and represents a huge lost opportunity for both parties – and the macro-economy.

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insights into social enterprise

Social aims can lead seamlessly to economic gains

Flourishing social enterprise Weave is the product of nothing more than an early hunch. Its originator Jane Shaw believed that if skilled makers across the North East region who have the technical know-how and skills to create quality textiles, garments and hand-crafted products were connected to equally gifted people in the field of design, then highly sought-after merchandise and samples could potentially be created locally, and sold globally, as a real alternative to the default position of sourcing from Asia. She was right.

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insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship

Add your perspective to the debate on enterprise and entrepreneurship

The Durham Symposium on Small Business & Enterprise Development took place in September of last year, yielding a diverse and abundant assemblage of perspectives on enterprise and entrepreneurship. A detailed narrative of the discussions that took place at the Symposium is now being prepared for publication. So in advance of this I am really eager to ensure that as many new perspectives are added to the debate, from the entrepreneurs, policy makers, enterprise educators and business support professionals who were not able to attend the Symposium itself but that have a viewpoint that they may wish to share. For your interest, and in the hope of stimulating further discussion, I have embedded below four videos taken at the Durham Symposium itself.

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A personalised approach to financial inclusion for women

A few years ago I was introduced to the new leader of a long-standing Charity in Benwell which is in the West End of Newcastle, a place that has been consistently featured on national league tables for high rates of deprivation and poverty, unemployment, social exclusion and poor health for many years. The CEO, Sarah

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Durham Symposium celebrates 5 decades of enterprise

The Durham Symposium on Small Business & Enterprise Development will now take place in Durham City, at St Aidan’s College and Durham Castle, on 15th and 16th September 2015.

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3 simple steps for banks to better serve women in business

Much can be achieved if banks take action now to better serve women in business. With these 3 simple steps banks, their customers and the economy will gain.

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‘Family Strategy’ is key to family business support

Setting up, growing and sustaining any business is a challenge.  For family businesses, however, there is another layer of complexity – the family.  Recognising and addressing the need for a family strategy to reinforce and enable the business strategy is key to sustainable family business.   Although collectively referenced as ‘family businesses’, the family connection

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“UK entrepreneurship expert at a Croatian roundtable”

An engagement focusing on the development of female entrepreneurship arranged by the British Embassy in Croatia provided a welcome opportunity for Dinah Bennett to speak to entrepreneurs in Zagreb about economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. Read coverage of the event as reported on here  “Dinah Bennett, UK entrepreneurship expert, shared her advice with Croatian (would-be)

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International Consultants for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise ICE UK

Insights into Family Business

In association with Yolanda Gibb, Dinah Bennett has developed a series of blogs specifically geared to providing insights into family enterprise and entrepreneurship. This first post provides some context for the series, explaining why supporting family business is so vital. The scale and contribution of Family Business Family Business represents a huge opportunity which is

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Social Enterprise. The clue is in the name.

Social Enterprise. The clue is in the name. Much has been written about the potential of social enterprise, but I share the concerns of many that, whilst social enterprise continues to be manoeuvred as a political plaything, the treasury loses sight of the real treasure that these ventures could yield. As a global economy fighting

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