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dinah bennett ice kindness in leadership

Invitation to the Northern launch of ‘Kindness in Leadership’ book

Dr Susan Frenk, Principal of St. Aidan’s College, Durham University and the authors of ‘Kindness in Leadership’ are delighted to invite you to the Northern launch of their recent publication. The event will take place on November 28th at St. Aidan’s College, Durham University. Kindness in Leadership is one of the first books to explore

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A good walk enriched | Mentoring on the Move

On a recent trip to Beijing I was privileged to be invited to mentor a small – and diverse – group of women with a collective desire to gain new perspectives on their business activities. I’m a huge advocate of mentoring as key to personal and professional development, and as a catalyst for innovation and

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2nd successful year for Enterprise Summer School

For the 2nd successful year ICE and associates hosted Chinese students in Durham for a week-long Summer School to gain insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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Dinah Bennett key note speaker at Women Leading in Education North East Regional Network ICE, International Consultants for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Inspiring entrepreneurial women leaders in North East education

I recently had the privilege of being asked to deliver a keynote speech at the inaugural meeting of the North East Women Leading in Education Network to put into context entrepreneurial leadership for aspiring women leaders in education.

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Enterprise Education. The what, the why and the how.

Enterprise education provides students the opportunity to identify, use and develop a range of skills and qualities that are generally recognised as being essential for the future workforce, as well as for anyone thinking about starting their own busines

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Boundary spanning – savvy networking for the 21st Century

Today, through technology, it has never been easier to connect with people we don’t know, and we do it almost without thinking, daily, even hourly, in a manner that couldn’t have been conceived only a few years ago. But behind this seemingly unconscious act lies some fundamental principles that, if we were to consider them in a more deliberate way, could be the key to our personal and professional fulfilment and success.

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Switching on entrepreneurial consciousness in young people

Now, more than ever before, our young people need to be equipped with the skills, know-how and confidence to thrive in an unpredictable future. We need to switch on their entrepreneurial consciousness.

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Enterprise has no boundaries in 2017

It’s interesting. I’ve worked in and around the enterprise agenda for many years, working in so many different contexts – education, politics, institutions, businesses – and although I have experienced entrepreneurship in every situation, it continues to frustrate me that ‘being enterprising’ is so frequently undervalued in every context other than business. In fact, in

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Successful Enterprise Summer School for Chinese Young People

The Durham Enterprise Summer School was

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SME Banking

Sharing international insights into SME banking research

ICE is passionate about sharing learning with the banking sector in the UK and internationally which has been drawn from extensive research commissioned by FSD Kenya. Research has sought to understand more fully the nature and needs of dynamic growth companies, as well as their barriers to accessing finance to enable growth. As featured author this Summer on FSD Kenya’s website, I am therefore seizing my opportunity to do so!

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