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Women’s Business Networks and exciting developments in Beijing

Networking as a business activity has been demonstrated to be a powerful tool for new venture creation, business development  as well as career progression. Much research has shown that contact networks and developing relationships with a range of different people both formally and informally are critical for business success (Hall and Bennett 1999, 2002). Successful

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empowerment of women

The empowerment of women in China and the Beijing Roller Derby

UNWomen have developed a unique partnership with the Beijing Roller Derby, supporting a fast-growing sport which is becoming strongly aligned with gender equality and the empowerment of women

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insights into social enterprise

Social aims can lead seamlessly to economic gains

Flourishing social enterprise Weave is the product of nothing more than an early hunch. Its originator Jane Shaw believed that if skilled makers across the North East region who have the technical know-how and skills to create quality textiles, garments and hand-crafted products were connected to equally gifted people in the field of design, then highly sought-after merchandise and samples could potentially be created locally, and sold globally, as a real alternative to the default position of sourcing from Asia. She was right.

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A personalised approach to financial inclusion for women

A few years ago I was introduced to the new leader of a long-standing Charity in Benwell which is in the West End of Newcastle, a place that has been consistently featured on national league tables for high rates of deprivation and poverty, unemployment, social exclusion and poor health for many years. The CEO, Sarah

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3 simple steps for banks to better serve women in business

Much can be achieved if banks take action now to better serve women in business. With these 3 simple steps banks, their customers and the economy will gain.

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ICE gender equality expertise extends globally through WISE Development

2014 saw Dinah Bennett extend and deepen ICE business activities relating to gender equality and female entrepreneurship through a co-directorship of WISE Development, a long-established dynamic enterprise that has the clear vision of transforming women’s lives. Dinah has  always been passionate about gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, and  the values and ethos of WISE

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Invest for the Future portrait exhibition

“Visual Stories of Female Entrepreneurship” is a ground-breaking project being championed by Tina Odinsky-Zec as part of Invest for the Future. The project aims to encourage female photographers to take pictures of female entrepreneurs in context, anywhere in the world, so that one single image can tell the story of where they are and what they

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“UK entrepreneurship expert at a Croatian roundtable”

An engagement focusing on the development of female entrepreneurship arranged by the British Embassy in Croatia provided a welcome opportunity for Dinah Bennett to speak to entrepreneurs in Zagreb about economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. Read coverage of the event as reported on here  “Dinah Bennett, UK entrepreneurship expert, shared her advice with Croatian (would-be)

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Jimmy Choo and Dinah Bennett Malaysia 2012

Glass ceilings and Jimmy Choos

Why a shift in expectation, rather than applying quotas, could get more women on boards … Glass ceilings and Jimmy Choos On a recent trip to Malaysia to speak at the ground-breaking  conference, The Women Director’s Convention, held by the NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women (NIEW), my host respectfully asked whether I’d mind

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Image Gallery – Knowledge Exchange Programme July 2013

The 4 day Knowledge Exchange Programme from 1st to 4th July 2013 involved a delegation from Malaysia and a variety of UK contributors, with a combined representation from higher education, private sector business, social enterprise, business support and Government.  For a full account of the programme, and its overall impact, please CLICK HERE. Below you

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