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Through providing insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship for many years we have learned that entrepreneurship is a powerful differentiator that has a part to play in every aspect of the world we live in; in government and policy, in civil society, in business and in education. Through entrepreneurial teaching and learning, as a global society we can be more creative, innovative, resourceful and, ultimately successful, collectively and as individuals.

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Four key aims for enterprise in education


ICE has extensive experience of the design, development and delivery of enterprise in education programmes in both primary and secondary schools and higher education institutions. Our programmes are geared to achieving one or more of the following four key aims:

Developing people’s entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviours so they can more confidently navigate the world;

Enabling people to gain the skills and qualities they need to start a business;

Embedding entrepreneurial leadership into the culture of academic institutions;

Capacity building teaching staff to be able to teach entrepreneurship and enterprise.


Enterprise in Education Programmes

We have developed a wide range of programmes to respond to a variety of needs for enterprise in education, and are also equally comfortable to tailor programmes to your niche requirements. In broad terms, our enterprise in education programmes include the following:

ICE Enterprise Illumination Programme for primary and secondary students

A unique programme that has developed a strong track record of introducing the powerful principles of entrepreneurship into the everyday thinking of young people aged between 12 and 18, and for giving them the extra confidence and skills they need to have the chance to shine. The ICE Enterprise Illumination Programme combines world-class enterprise teaching, practical enterprise-based participation and education-based international entrepreneurship tours and exchanges, which individually and collectively have a transformational effect on both students and supporting teachers.  Find out more about the programme here.

Modules for undergraduates, post graduates and doctoral students

Our higher education programmes can be geared to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset as well as building the practical skills for business start up and growth management for those students who want to progress into running their own business. Several of our students have also gone on to use their enterprise skills in advisory role, including in small business policy.

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Learning and development programmes for education institutional leaders

Our entrepreneurial leadership programmes are geared to stimulating entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours within the education sector. Our practical and interactive approach enables leaders to understand and apply entrepreneurial strategy; to embed innovative thinking and creative problem solving; to set the context for entrepreneurialism within their own institution, as well as recognising how they can improve their overall competitiveness through entrepreneurship.

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Capacity building for teaching staff

Our teacher training programmes gear teaching staff to be able to deliver our tried and tested enterprise education programmes, as well as enabling them to embed enterprise across the whole curriculum. Our capacity building approach is practical and supportive, and once teaching staff have successfully completed their training, optional extended mentoring support from members of the ICE team can also be provided, complemented by our online learning portal; we have found that teaching staff have valued this additional support as it increases their confidence to deliver the programmes independently.

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