Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship

Capacity Building in Enterprise and EntrepreneurshipEnterprise and entrepreneurship has never been as important as it is today.  You may already be evaluating how entrepreneurship really fits, or how you can effectively embed the enterprise agenda so it adds value to your role, your institution or your programmes.

If you need to build capacity in entrepreneurship amongst colleagues or into learning materials and programmes, or you’re planning to commercialise elements of your service, knowledge or research, consult ICE.

Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship Dinah Bennett

Dinah Bennett Capacity Building in Entrepreneurship. Take Action Not Notes
(Image courtesy of Panganai Svotwa)

Through our highly regarded capacity building programmes in enterprise and entrepreneurship we can help you to fast-track the development of entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviours and actions across your organisation, building on the experience of Universities, financial institutions and government bodies worldwide.

Find out about our International Enterprise Illumination Programme for Young People here

We can also help you to understand the nuances of family-owned business, social enterprises, women’s enterprise and home-based business.



ICE can help you to build your capacity in Entrepreneurship

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