Add your perspective to the debate on enterprise and entrepreneurship

The Durham Symposium on Small Business & Enterprise Development, sponsored by Business Durham, took place in September of last year, yielding a diverse and abundant assemblage of perspectives on enterprise and entrepreneurship. A detailed narrative of the discussions that took place at the Symposium is now being prepared for publication. So in advance of this we are really eager to ensure that as many new perspectives are added to the debate, from the entrepreneurs, policy makers, enterprise educators and business support professionals who were not able to attend the Symposium itself but that have a viewpoint that they may wish to share.

For your interest, and in the hope of stimulating further discussion, I have embedded below four videos taken at the Durham Symposium itself. These capture the detail of the plenary sessions:

Professor Allan Gibb’s reflections on 50 years of enterprise development, support and pedagogy

Looking to the future – conclusions from the initial cafe style session to help us set the agenda

The entrepreneur point of view – Allan Gibb interviews a panel of entrepreneurs

Challenge to stakeholders – a panel of stakeholders respond to issues raised during the Symposium

Please offer your comments below to ensure your own perspective is included in the solutions and plans that emerge from the Durham Symposium to shape the future of small business and enterprise development.