ICE gender equality expertise extends globally through WISE Development

2014 saw Dinah Bennett extend and deepen ICE business activities relating to gender equality and female entrepreneurship through a co-directorship of WISE Development, a long-established dynamic enterprise that has the clear vision of transforming women’s lives. Dinah has  always been passionate about gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, and  the values and ethos of WISE Development proved to be a close fit with those of ICE.

Dinah will be channelling all her gender focused work through WISE Development in the future to take full advantage of the global expertise available through WISE Development for her customers. She says

“I am delighted to be working with a fantastic group of specialists in the field of gender equality across the world who have the first rate experience and specialist knowledge to complement my own work in this area, and to really drive forward  the agenda to transform women’s lives.  I absolutely believe that  the strong commitment WISE Development has to working in partnership delivers services that make a tangible and sustainable difference to the lives of women and girls”.