“UK entrepreneurship expert at a Croatian roundtable”

An engagement focusing on the development of female entrepreneurship arranged by the British Embassy in Croatia provided a welcome opportunity for Dinah Bennett to speak to entrepreneurs in Zagreb about economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.

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“Dinah Bennett, UK entrepreneurship expert, shared her advice with Croatian (would-be) women entrepreneurs.

Dinah Bennett, an award-winning womens’ entrepreneurship and enterprise development professional, spoke to a packed room of Croatian female entrepreneurs (and would-be entrepreneurs) at a roundtable co-organised by the British Embassy in Zagreb.

Dinah shared valuable advice on the four key ‘ingredients’ needed for setting up a business:

– Motivation

– Ability

– A fantastic idea

– Resources (not just money, but also support, mentoring and networking).

In her presentation on ‘Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship,’ Dinah said that female entrepreneurship is ‘economic imperative’. ‘Every government in the world understands now that women’s entrepreneurship is crucial for growth,’ said Dinah, a director of the International Consultants for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (ICE), UK. ”

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Image source:  https://www.gov.uk/government/world-location-news/uk-entrepreneurship-expert-at-a-croatian-roundtable