ICE partners Croatian Family Business Institute

Family business is becoming increasingly recognised as central to economic prosperity across the world, and a significant task now faces policy makers and support organisations to make the most of this opportunity.

Progress, however, is being made, and it is hugely rewarding for ICE to be directly involved in recent developments, including participation in the early phase of development of a Family Business Institute in Croatia; this exciting project has the potential to provide a blueprint that others can follow as they tackle the challenges associated with nurturing family businesses which make up a sizeable proportion of SMEs worldwide.

Croatian policy think-tank for international competitiveness

CEPOR – SMEs and Entrepreneurship Policy Center – is the first think-tank in Croatia. CEPOR Influences the public and political environment, emphasizing the key role of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of the Croatian economy.  It has an important role in shaping entrepreneurial culture and in developing a policy framework that stimulates and supports entrepreneurial activity, with a core focus on helping Croatia to achieve strong economic growth based on international competitiveness.

ICE partners Croatian Family Business Institute

Croatia’s policy think-tank CEPOR has recognised the importance of family business to its economic future, and in direct response has launched the Croatian Family Business Institute.

ICE will be working in association with the Family Business Institute, and to provide a starting point for this exciting partnership ICE Founder Dinah Bennett and associate Yolanda Gibb, ran a series of research and policy workshops in Croatia during Autumn 2013. The sessions, which were geared to a wide audience of academics, researchers, policy makers, business support organisations and family business owners, explored new approaches for effectively supporting family business in Croatia, the outcome of which will inform the work of the Family Business Institute moving forward.

Left to Right Dinah Bennett ICE, Professor Slavica Singer, Chair, CEPOR, Yolanda Gibb and Dr Mirela Alpeza, Executive Director of CEPOR