4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2013, KL Malaysia

Dinah Bennett, Founder of ICE, and Professor Allan Gibb were invited to participate in the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2013.

The chosen theme of ‘Empowering and Connecting Entrepreneurs’ proved to be as popular as ever, attracting the participation of 4,000 global stakeholders in sharing ideas and best practice, and developing solutions  for some of the most intractable issues that prevent the growth of entrepreneurship and businesses.

The Summit was presented as four key strands of debate:  Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem;  Creating Tomorrow’s Game-changers;  Emerging Trends;  and Connecting for Growth.  120 practitioners and thought-leaders were invited  to share their views with the entrepreneurial community from around the world on a vast array of topics associated with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

Just a few highlights …

The conference agenda was rich and extensive, so I don’t plan to attempt to summarise it here!  However suffice to say the diversity of discussion provided insight into the complexity of the entrepreneurship agenda globally, whilst also demonstrating quite clearly that enterprise is recognised as providing opportunity, social and economic diversity, and a continually changing landscape that we need to master.

Here is a selection of other conference highlights.

John Kerry US  Secretary of State and  Najib Razak, The Prime Minister of Malaysia opened the conference. 

Hand-drawn overview of John Kerry Secretary of State for US Opening Speech

Prime Minister Razak  highlighted the importance of the enabling environment for supporting entrepreneurship in any economy, how we must ensure that policy-making be conducted in transparent,  responsive and collaborative environments, and how state funding plays a vital  role in entrepreneurship research.  Read his full speech here, and for a hand-drawn graphical version Click Here

John Kerry US Secretary of State presented a range of initiatives that have been launched in partnership with Malaysian institutions.  Their focus is the creation of new entrepreneurs by expanding access to capital and the formation of a new international  research network.  Read more here, and for a visual interpretation Click Here

Youth Enterprise was high on the agenda – necessarily so, as 3 out of five people in ASEAN countries are under 35 – and this emphasis was heightened through a three day pre-summit, Global Start-up Youth.  500 young people from over 90 countries were brought together in the pre-summit to formulate ideas and launch new ventures designed to tackle major global problems.

Conference speakers included W.Chan Kim -creator of the Blue Ocean Strategy whose mantre included “go where the value and profits are, and the competition isn’t”.  A hand-drawn infographic illustrating the professor’s fascinating words of wisdom can be downloaded here.

The World is your Oyster – I was honoured to be asked to present and participate in a panel discussion on the topic of ‘The World is your Oyster – Time To Adopt A Multi-channel Strategy.  I enjoyed presenting some ideas about how ‘virtual mobility’ can make the world the oyster of micro and small businesses, and how it can level the balance between large and small business competitiveness.  An interesting fact I came across when I was researching the topic is that William Shakespeare was the originator of the phrase ‘The World is Your Oyster’ in his play The Merry Wives of Windsor which he wrote around 1600.  The suggestion, I believe, presented in the play, was that lack of money did not need to be a barrier to achieving greatness.  400 years later this has never been truer, at least when it comes to the world of business, particularly in the field of virtual mobility.  The key points of my presentation are now the focus of two blog posts, the first of which can be viewed here Technology is the secret weapon of small business competitiveness