The 6 stages of business start-up and innovation

Over many years we have identified 6 stages which, if systematically followed, will prepare budding entrepreneurs to progress to starting up a company successfully.

Here, in short summary form, we share those 6 stages with you.  In future blogs we’ll discuss each element in more detail, and provide examples of effective ways to support entrepreneurs in each stage of the process.

  1. Acquiring Motivation.  The budding entrepreneur needs first to find the stimulus and commitment to pursue the objective of setting up a business.
  2. Finding an Idea.  Finding an idea which needs serious evaluation. Considering alternatives such as franchising and buying in.
  3. Validating the Idea.  This involves testing the product or service, and in particular testing the market with respect to supply and demand.
  4. Identifying the Resources. Identifying supplies, materials and sources of assistance to transform the idea into reality.
  5. Applying the plan.  Negotiating into business finance, premises, contracts.
  6. Birth and Survival.  Selecting the type of company and registering it;  developing the necessary ongoing systems to keep a business in operation;  coping with all the statutory requirements;  building relationships with professionals who can help;  establishing clear ties with customers and suppliers.


The 6 stages can take a varying amount of time, depending on the individual’s personal resources and capacity.  Start-up animation programmes should be structured to helping budding entrepreneurs with every aspect of this 6 stage process, including stage 6 for at least the first 6 months of a business start-up.

Consult-ICE for assistance with the development of start-up animation programmes that lead to sustainable business start-ups.

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